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Justin Bieber Speaking In Tongues Şarkı Sözü

Justin Bieber Speaking In Tongues Şarkı Sözü

Alright... aha... yea


Speaking in tongues


Wala, I`m killin` this caca

Call up Lady GaGa

On my on my telephone

Hello, dome

Yea, my girl beats no metronome


My new chick, she a yellow bone

I buy her Yellow Stone

Cuz` I like it

When she got that yellow on

So I`m a raptor, tearin` it up like a tractor

Matterfact, I`m killin` this track ur a slacker



Sack like a sacker

Call up Mr. Brady

Tell him leave his hair

To the guy who sings "Baby", "Baby"

Come and try to save me

Lately, I`ve been hearing these things

That sound crazy like...


Speaking in tongues


All right stop, drop, and roll

Justin Bieber is on fire

It`s time to realize

It`s time to call me young sire

You`re the seller, I`m the buyer

You`re the teller and I`m higher

I`m higher than the highest point

Yes, I`m am Flyer


And I`m wired to the game

Stay dry when it rains

I`m tired of the fame, are you proud of the pain?

Yes, we`re the same

Yes, I`m insane

And my mane hangs down

I`m a puppet got string


I`ve murderd that, man.

Shawty Mane! Shawty Mane! What you doin`? Shawty Mane!


I`m Justin Bieber. You might know me uh as the guy you know who sings "Baby"

You know... uh... I`m a singer... pop singer... I`m white!

But uh... you know, that`s why I do this, just to prove that... you know...

I got skills on the rap game

So yeah.


What up, Jewel Keys?

Yo, I killed that

Alright, peace.



Justin Bieber Speaking In Tongues


08 Aralık , 2010
2.863 kez görüntülendi